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Woodland Gift Box

Woodland Gift Box

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Hammock colour

Looking for a great gift for your small pet?  Treat them today to a woodland gift box!

You can now select which version of fox hammock is included in your box!  Either a navy based one or the yellow version  

1. A double hammock made by Happy Rat Hammocks Size Top square 30cm, bottom square 35cm.  The hammock will either have orange or blue fleece.  One provided at random.  

2. A shelled walnut

3. Two coffee wood natural chews

4. Two carrot wood chews.

5. Nutty Wreath -  made using rattan balls, lolly sticks and 3 shelled almonds.

6. Fox Chew - made using rattan balls, beads and a fox head bead.

7, Millet Spray.

8. Wooden Rattle 5 x 7 cm

9. Lunchbag -  a brown paper bag containing mixed herbs, 2 shelled hazelnuts, mealworms and paper bedding.

10. A packet of mixed seeds to sprinkle into the paper bedding that comes with the box to act as a foraging box.

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