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Wood Slice Hanger

Wood Slice Hanger

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A toy that is suitable for placement in a tank set up.  Bury the large chunky base under some substrate/soil/cage furniture for added support if needed to stop your pet trying to run off with the whole thing!

Stand information;

This toy stands approximately  14cm high (including base) but you are able to adjust this slightly higher if you make the beads more straight or lower the height if needed.  The beads are on a stronger wire to withstand height adjustments but please note that excessive and repetitive bending of the wire will weaken it over time.  The wood slice bases are 8-10cm in diameter and 1cm thick.

4 mini toys;

1. Loofah and bead chew. 

2. Large bead, chunky circle wood and whimzee chew.

3. Pumice, bead and paper ribbon chew. 

4. Rattan ball, wood discs and bead chew. 

This pack of 4 toys comes with 1 clip for hanging onto the stand.  The toys are between 6-8cm high (without clip).  Please note that the chunky circle, large beads and wood discs do not come in a natural colour so in all natural sets they will be green where stock levels allow.

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