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The Ultimate Foraging Box

The Ultimate Foraging Box

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Stuck for ideas on enrichment for your pet?  The ultimate foraging box has plenty to entertain your friends!

This box itself is packed with teabag bedding which you can choose to use inside the cage or use the whole box as a fun foraging toy. 

1. You are provided with a sachet of mixed seeds which you can sprinkle in the box to encourage foraging.

2. Flip Lid Foraging Toy.  Pop some seeds or other items into the holes and flip down the lids.

3. Three shelled hazelnuts.

4. Three rattan balls. (colours may vary)

5. Foraging ball - 8cm rattan ball containing dust extracted hay, teabag bedding, whimzee slice, banana chips, mealworms and mixed herbs.

6. Bamboo foraging toy. Length 34cm (13.25"), Width 14cm (5.5"), Diameter of cups 5-6cm (2-2.25”) approx.

7. Millet spray

8. Pinecone Foraging Toy - sprinkle some seeds into the pinecone. (bead colour may vary)

9. Treat Package - Contains a whimzee slice, banana chips, hazelnut, mixed seeds, meal worms and teabag bedding.


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