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Rat Food Mix

Rat Food Mix

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Please note that my rat mix changes every batch I make so the pictures are for illustrated purposes and the actual product will not always look the same.

This is the Aurora Rattery rat mix made following the principles of the Shaunamite diet that is widely used across the fancy.  Each batch I make will vary as I have access to different ingredients at the time of mixing. 

Do I need to supplement this mix?

The short answer is no.  I personally do not give any extra vitamins except for the odd occasions I remember to do so.  I use some ingredients that come with added vitamins already included and I like to offer my rats kale twice a week for all the good stuff.  It will not do any harm should you wish to provide a supplement to your rats as any extra not needed by the body will just be expelled. 

Base mix is a combination of the following:

Best Pets Fruity Rabbit, Red Mills conditioning 14 mix and Pygmy Goat Mix 

Mixed low sugar (<5g per 100g) cereals. (Some or all of the following; mini wheats, wheat bisks, puffed rice, rice crispies, corn flakes, value muesli, multigrain nutty granola low sugar)

plain popcorn  

Dried pasta (egg noodles and shaped, various types)

sow rolls (also known as pig nuts )  This is a better alternative I’ve been using since they reduced the copper in barley rings  

red mills copper top up cubes 

Science selective rat pellets

Mixed herbs & dried veg - some or all of the following; vegnibbles, flower mix, dandelion mix, herb leaf mix, 5 a day mix, flower leaf mix, summerfield, autumn harvest and summer harvest.

A large range of seeds from rat rations that I mix into a batch  - aniseed, Niger, buckwheat, Dari red, hemp, linseed, Carob, maize, pumpkin, rapeseed, safflower, sunflower, coriander, Walter harrison budgie seed but sometimes others too.

High quality dog kibble - Lifestage puppy salmon 


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