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DWARF Rat Food Mix

DWARF Rat Food Mix

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Credit given to Orchard rats for this mix.  

Best Pets Fruity Rabbit with most of the banana chips removed

Mix of low sugar cereals; weetabix, cornflakes, rice pops, value muesli and puffed wheat.

High quality dog kibble - Lifestage puppy salmon 

Red Mills copper top up cubes

science selective rat pellets

Herb and veg mix; some or all of the following; vegnibbles, flower mix, dandelion mix, herb leaf mix, 5 a day mix, flower leaf mix, summerfield, autumn harvest and summer harvest.

A large range of seeds; aniseed, niger, buckwheat, dari red, hemp, linseed, carob, maize, pupkin, rapeseed, safflower, sunflower, coriander, walter harrison budgie seed but sometimes others too.

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