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Pet Rat Care Book

Pet Rat Care Book

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(Photos copyright of and used with permission)

The only book that actually gives you good rat care advice!  Written by Zoe Lumour who is a retired rat breeder and owner for many years. 

This book is beautifully structured in a way that's easy to understand and importantly breaks down and discusses different options and their pros and cons.  This book is also backed up by a website that contains even further detail and information on topics that includes helpful videos and acts as a great cross reference.  ( )

What topics does the book cover?

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Should You Get Pet Rats?

Chapter 3. Where To Get Pet Rats

Chapter 4. Which Rats To Get.

Chapter 5. Creating An Enriching Rat Cage

Chapter 6. Feeding A Nutritious Diet

Chapter 7. Other Preparations

Chapter 8. Creating Enriched Lives

Chapter 9. Handling, Bonding And Bites

Chapter 10. Maintaining Weight And Managing The Environment

Chapter 11. Rat Behaviour

Chapter 12. The Rat Community

Chapter 13. Get More Rats (GMR) syndrome

Chapter 14. Letting Go

Chapter 15. Checking Health And Condition

Chapter 16. Finding A Rat Vet

Chapter 17. Health Issues In Rats

Chapter 18. Surgery And Medication

Chapter 19. Saying Goodbye

With an array of 5 star reviews, this book is fast becoming heavily recommended as THE rat care book to get your hands on. 

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